Study Courses NCIDQ

Looking for a study course and materials to help you conquer the NCIDQ? Well we are here to help! The IIDA Texas Oklahoma Chapter offers a 10-week Chapter wide NCIDQ Study Course to include Onsite Class Access in two of our City Centers and Online Access for study materials to all our members in each of our eight City Centers. These classes and study materials, through practice tests, homework and additional resources, will help participants prepare for all three sections of the exam. These classes will begin in July and January to coincide with each exam.

Registration for the NCIDQ Study Course for the fall 2018 exam will open for member registration will open Thursday, June 28th, non-member registration will open July 5th. The class will be offered in Houston and Dallas.

For all general inquiries, questions or concerns, please contact the IIDA TX OK Chapter Administrator, Megan Romboletti |

The NCIDQ exam is the internationally accepted test for qualifying Interior Designers and is recognized by IIDA as a requirement for professional membership. It is also recognized by states, including Texas, that have passed design registration acts as part of the license and registration requirement. NCIDQ test dates are offered every Spring and Fall, typically in April and October.

Thanks to NCIDQ there is now a webpage that will help you explain just what you do to your friends and family. It is a model floor plan that by zooming in and clicking on one of the numbers, will tell you the applicable building codes that an Interior Designer would use in that location of the building. It is a great educational tool for students, the public, our legislators and even our families who do not understand what Interior Designers do! Please take a moment to share it with your friends and family!