Design Excellence Awards

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Student Commercial Design Excellence Award
Presented to KKT Architects
Torero Bar & Kitchen
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Project Description:

Torero’s Bar and Kitchen is a unique concept for Tulsa. It features Central, South American, Latin and Spanish inspired cuisine. It promotes a unique culinary experience focused on capturing street food fare in a family style setting. The interior design of the restaurant sets the stage to transport its guests to a Pan American destination. The intent of the design was to incorporate eclectic elements throughout the space to highlight the influences on the cuisine.

There is a mix of elements throughout the space. Highlights of materials include rich dark wood finishes, hammered copper accents and steel structure. The exposed structure helps create a more open air feel to the space. Large nautical ropes are incorporated to acknowledge the importance of fresh seafood to Spanish cuisine. Use of texture and pattern and decorative concrete blocks that house air plants give the restaurant the feeling of a South American streetscape.

The space incorporates many design details reminiscent of old world Spain such as hand painted Spanish tiles used in a modern way. The combination of traditional and modern elements creates an interior that appears to have been cultivated over time. Spatially, there are diverse seating types including a mix of various heights and types of dining opportunities that create a welcoming environment. There is a mezzanine for more intimate groups that provides views to the entryway and seating below. Large murals and vibrant pops of color complete the look, giving the restaurant a distinct Latin vibe.