Design Excellence Awards

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Hospitality Design Excellence Award
Presented to Michael Hsu Office of Architecture
Local Foods Downtown
Houston, Texas

Project Description:

Developed in a 1930’s historic building in downtown Houston, this fast casual restaurant takes advantage of its double height space and mezzanine to provide an open and naturally lit dining experience. Circulation and a variety of dining choices surround a central bar which was designed with a column supported glass and steel shelving system. Hemlock and cedar finishes were chosen for select ceilings and walls, to balance with the cooler tones of blue and green. In certain areas of slatted hemlock, black and white photos related to the menu offerings are revealed and represent work of a local Houston artist. Parts of the existing building, including the terrazzo flooring were repaired and restored to reduce consumption of new products. The main mezzanine stair was salvaged and relocated from another location in the space. Numerous fixtures, furniture pieces and portions of the HVAC system were also re-purposed for the space. The project was designed in collaboration with a local purveyor who specializes in finding very unique, repurposed pieces to feature in the space, add visual interest and create an overall original environment.