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Small Healthcare Design Excellence Award
Presented to CallisonRTKL
Saint Francis Health System
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Project Description

Saint Francis Health System engaged the design team to develop and brand three new outpatient clinics to be built throughout Tulsa, Oklahoma. These clinics are designed as patient-centered and operationally efficient spaces, with convenience and patient privacy as priorities.

A modular health prototype concept is incorporated into the design of the interior layout, turning the traditional clinic inside-out. A unique on-stage/off-stage approach to circulation is implemented with a centralized teaming area for staff, allowing patients to go directly to the room where they will be seen instead of spending time in a centralized waiting room. This innovative method enhances flexibility and efficiency for staff, and provides patients with more privacy.

The concept of “Light from Above,” was incorporated by utilizing natural light as a primary driver in the interior design. Large windows and skylights line hallways and patient exam room waiting areas to provide patients and staff with natural light and exterior views.

A neutral color palette, emboldened by an underlayment of Oklahoma reds and soft wood tones, emphasizes the soothing atmosphere of the facility and reinforces the natural aesthetic approach of the clinic.

In order to reinforce the Saint Francis brand, the team incorporated the color pink, a dominant exterior feature of Saint Francis’ flagship hospital, through an exterior glass wall infused with patterns of varying pink tones. The wall reinforces the legacy of the client and its connection to the community Saint Francis Health System serves.