Design Excellence Awards

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Sustainability Design Excellence Award
Presented to STG Design
Wilsonart Wilson Center
Temple, Texas

Project Description:

Wilsonart Engineered Surfaces approached the architect to relocate their headquarters for its American operations with the challenge of developing a space that showcased the company’s growing portfolio of surfacing materials while providing a unifying space for collaborative work, training, meetings and customer events. The new Wilson Center integrates a global organization into an open plan office and offers much-needed specialty spaces for product design, merchandising development, large-class training, meetings, and video-conferencing. Relocating the headquarters directly adjacent to their manufacturing facility, due to highway construction, provided a challenge in bridging the offices. To create the feeling of one office, the design team arranged for the largest breakroom to be on the side of the building to act as a bridge between the two spaces. The main hallway serves as a central artery connecting the lobby to a spectacular break room at the back of the building. This corridor offers access to wings of well-lit open offices, phone rooms, huddle rooms and meeting rooms. An open-space “café” features a coffee bar and comfortable seating to encourage employee engagement. Clever magnetic spinners showcase the latest company stories, while the entire office space uses Wilsonart’s products in innovative, conversation-starting applications. Integrating a modern design aesthetic was critical after the design team discovered, in initial planning, that 80% of Wilsonart staff would be retiring in 10 years. The facility needed to be a space that would recruit new talent and retain those who had been there for several years while maintaining the history and legacy the company brings to Temple, TX. With overall employment made up of generations of family members, soon to be retirees and new talent, it was critical to incorporate a variety of employee’s as part of the workplace strategy sessions to implement a successful design. This allowed the employees to voice their concerns and let them be part of some of the design decisions. The sessions identified employee wellness needed to play a crucial role in the earliest phases of design. These components incorporated natural daylight in all areas of building, an outdoor break space and a wellness clinic between the headquarters and manufacturing.

The completed 31,000 sf headquarters design boast Wilsonart’s capabilities and unique products. For instance, the reclaimed wood flooring in the break room was digitally reproduced as a custom-printed laminate and used on the front desk where nearly every guest has to touch it to believe it. The coffee bar makes use of Wilsonart® Solid Surface and Woodgrain Laminate on top, with Wilsonart® Compact Laminate, a thick, High Pressure Laminate, routed to emulate the surrounding tile. The pergola beams overhead are covered with a second Woodgrain Laminate. Whether the bathroom stalls or accent furniture, Wilsonart’s new space maximizes the potential to beautifully display the company’s finest, cutting-edge products. The headquarters is LEED Silver® and is the first building in Temple, TX to receive this recognition. The Wilson Center has dazzled customers and significantly improved employees’ morale since it opened.