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Why join IIDA?

The International Interior Design Association (IIDA) works to advance the value of the interior design and its practitioners as well as to cultivate leadership within the profession. IIDA has more than 13,000 Members in nine specialty forums, nine regions, and more than 30 Chapters around the world committed to enhancing the quality of life through excellence in interior design and advancing interior design through knowledge. By becoming a Member you are making the decision to be an informed member of the design community. IIDA stands to Nurtures the global design community; Provide superior information about interior design and related issues, using its own rapidly developing knowledge center as a resource; Advocate for design excellence; Maintain educational standards; Respond to trends in business and design; and Celebrate the profession.

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Who is in our chapter?

Texas Oklahoma Statistics as of March 2012:

Current Membership by Level
Level Percentage Number
Professional 37% 468
Associate 16% 194
Student 24% 299
Industry 19% 231
Affiliate 1% 12
Honorary 0% 1
Educator 2% 20
Total: 100% 1244
Current Membership by City Center
City Center % of Chapter Total / CC
Austin 12% 153
Dallas/Fort Worth 34% 420
Houston 21% 272
Oklahoma City 10% 119
San Antonio 9% 108
Tulsa 8% 97
West Texas 6% 75
Total: 100% 1244