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Interior Designer

Posted Wednesday, February 23, 2022

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910 Louisiana St Suite 2600, Houston, TX 77002
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Join a Top 10 global design firm in our Texas buildings practice that provides Interior Design, Architecture, and Buildings Engineering services with a long history and deep commitment to the education sector. Our Houston office is seeking an Interior Designer to join our interdisciplinary team.

The primary role of the Interior Designer is to interpret and translate the needs and desires of a client as well as any architectural direction set forth into cohesive interior design solutions. This process may involve production of drawings(2D/3D), and written material to support the conceptual direction of interior design and FFE. An Interior Designer is expected to work collaboratively with the architectural team, conceptualizing, developing and documenting varying aspects of interior design of a project, including but not limited to space planning, interior architecture, interior materials and palette, specifications and FFE. This individual will often be required to present their ideas in formal and informal settings.


Inspires creativity, critical thought, and design excellence both internally and externally.
Conceptualizes and develops interior design from both a functional and aesthetic perspective in concert with a client’s requirements, budget, and program.
Participates in the development of the program, vision and other pre-design efforts.
Produces front-end graphics and visualization efforts
Develops the interior design through sketches, electronic models, diagrams, and other visual formats to express the design intent and coordinate with Interior Design Lead or Project Designer.
Utilizes BIM technologies in the development of three-dimensional models of interiors and their components.
Leads others in a project team setting and design critiques and pin-ups.
Presents the interior design to stakeholders.
Ensures design complies with building codes, ADA guidelines and LEED per project type and requirements.
Evaluates, selects and coordinates interior systems and materials, finishes and fixtures including lighting and plumbing.
Coordinates project systems to ensure compatibility with the design intent and implements sustainable design principles.
Develops interior design in accordance with cost parameters and ensures interior design intent is maintained through documentation and construction.
Completes FFE scope tasks from design and selection through bid, coordinating with specific client and project needs.
Significant knowledge of building construction systems, constructability, materials, and industry associated standards.
Establishes and maintains professional partnerships/relationships with interior material and FFE vendors and dealers.
Demonstrates a commitment to the profession and the firm by participating in a professional organization.

Job Type
$62,000 - $91,000

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